Ord. Wk 23rd: Wednesday,  Wednesday, 13th September,2017  (Lk 6:20-26)

Dear Friend in the Lord,

Jesus’ Wisdom: In today’s Gospel, Jesus proclaims the “Beatitudes”.  He reveals His Divine Wisdom by challenging us to cherish every person, especially those who are suffering and despised because God has a preferential love for them.  Our true happiness and joy should come from loving Him more wholeheartedly. 

Fr Philip Heng, S.J

Fixing his eyes on his disciples Jesus said: ‘How blessed are you who are poor: the kingdom of God is yours.

‘Blessed are you who are hungry now: you shall have your fill. 

‘Blessed are you who are weeping now: you shall laugh.

‘Blessed are you when people hate you, drive you out, abuse you, denounce your name as criminal, on account of the Son of man.  Rejoice when that day comes and dance for joy, look!-your reward will be great in heaven. This was the way their ancestors treated the prophets.

‘But alas for you who are rich: you are having your consolation now. 

‘ Alas for you who have plenty to eat now: you shall go hungry. 

‘Alas for you who are laughing now: you shall mourn and weep. 

‘Alas for you when everyone speaks well of you! This was the way their ancestors treated the false prophets.

As you read the passage what words, phases or meanings caught your attention?

  • The language used in the “Beatitudes” is opposite to and opposes to what the secular world would desire and live daily.  Nobody finds joy in mourning, going hungry, weeping and the like.  

  • However, we will get a glimpse of its profound meaning if we begin to see that Jesus is speaking within the context of eternal life, while the secular world is only concerned with what happens in this earthly life.

  • Ponder on the “Beatitudes” from the perspective of Jesus who is offering eternal life to us and how we are each called to live a Christ-like life.