Wed 13th Sept 2017

23rd Week in Ordinary Time (A)
Col. 3:1-11
Ps. 145(144):2-3,10-11,12-13
Lk. 6:20-26     (Ps Wk III)

The last 6 Psalms (145-150) are dedicated in different ways to the praise of God. As prayers dealing with many aspects of life, the Psalms in general give us a deep insight into the spirituality of the Jewish people in Old Testament times. Hence they can serve to deepen our own spirituality. From the point of view of actual content, the Psalms may not always suit us as prayer because the historical background, the imagery or the wording used is quite alien to us.

The writer’s intention will often be that which most inspires us. Thus today’s Psalm, has the clear intent of simply praising God in a number of different ways. The opening lines affirm the writer’s intention to praise God continually.

In our Christian tradition, we read the Psalms as prophetic writings speaking about the future Messiah: they reveal Jesus to us. As a Jew, Jesus prayed the Psalms and so in using them for prayer we pray as Jesus did and in union with him.

As Christians, we believe that the hopes and desires expressed in the Psalms have all been realized in Jesus and so now, in Christian faith they inspire us to pray to him.

Lord, grant us the grace to bless You every day and to praise Your name for ever.