Fri 13th Oct 2017
27th Week in Ordinary Time (A)

Joel 1:13-15; 2:1-2
Ps. 10(9):2-3,6,16,8-9
Lk. 11:15-26    (Ps Wk III)

Like the major prophets, the prophet Joel speaks of the “day of the Lord”: it is near, it is coming. He paints a rather gloomy and sombre picture: it is a day when there seems no hope. Yet suddenly in his world of darkness and gloom, there appears the promise of a dawn.

In the New Testament “the day of the Lord” becomes “the day of Our Lord Jesus Christ” for in Jesus there has come the gift of an unexpected “dawn”, his Resurrection from the dead, when the truth of all the prophecies, promises and expectations of the Old Testament were realized in an unexpected and eternal way.

Because of the Resurrection, the Old Testament Sabbath has yielded to a new “Lord’s Day”, where Jesus is forever “Lord of the Sabbath”, the giver of that eternal day of rest which we enter through the dawn of the Resurrection. The “day of Our Lord Jesus Christ” has become for us the climax of a life well lived, a life well lived because it is transformed by the Risen Jesus.

Father in heaven, grant us the grace to lead lives that make us worthy of the eternal life which Your Son Jesus gained for us in the Resurrection and so face the day of Our Lord with joy.