Wed 15th Nov 2017
32nd Week in Ordinary Time (A)
St Albert the Great, Bishop & doctor

Wis. 6:1-11
Ps. 82(81):3-4,6-7
Lk. 17:11-19     (Ps Wk IV)

The author of Wisdom had some unwelcome news for the rulers of the earth. Although they might believe themselves to be all-powerful, whatever power they have came from God. God takes a lively interest in how they use it. They are all measured and judged by God, according to the standards of justice and mercy. We keep this in mind when we observe the world around us. No one is above God’s law; all will be measured and judged. Might does not make right, and wealth is not a sign of God's favour. Whatever power we have, however small, must be used for the common good.

Why did only one leper come back to thank Jesus? After all, ten were healed. The text gives us a hint — he alone realized he was healed. He was free — and very grateful and overjoyed with his new life. Often people fail to take the healing into their hearts and make it their own. They cling to their brokenness and misery, perhaps even getting some satisfaction from a feeling of victimhood. The grateful leper was also a Samaritan — a despised outsider.

Often it is those outside the faith tradition that have a greater appreciation of the power and mercy of God. Believers sometimes are complacent and expect too little. Let us be excited with our faith in God, and filled with joy at his power, compassion, and mercy.

Lord, help me to be grateful always.