Sun 14th Jan 2018
2nd Week in Ordinary Time (B)

1 Sam. 3:3b-10,19
Ps. 40(39):2,4,7-9,10
1 Cor. 6:13-15,17-20
Jn. 1:35-42  (Ps Wk II)

Jesus turned round and saw two men following him. Translations usually just use the word “saw” or some similar neutral word. However, there is a good case for asserting that John intended to affirm that Jesus turned and contemplated the two, whom he seems to have recognized.

Every language has many different words expressing various nuances of the notion of seeing. Thus we can see, look, glance, stare, gaze, glare, contemplate etc. Here and in six other verses in his Gospel John uses a word that is closely associated with the notion of “contemplation”. When Jesus asked the two disciples “What do you want?” we need not think that he did so abruptly, officiously, even perhaps angrily. If Jesus contemplated the two disciples then he was asking them with a welcoming and accepting attitude, an inviting and caring attitude.

“What do you want?”  is not a trivial question. Nothing in John’s Gospel is ever trivial. Everything is deeply theological and spiritual. Jesus’ question challenges us to probe the depth of our hearts and reflect: what do we truly want in life, in our relationship with Jesus? Hence the profound significance of Jesus' invitation, “Come and see.”

Lord Jesus, beyond all transient and trivial desires may my one genuinely deep and guiding desire be to gain eternal life and happiness with You.