Tue 13th March 2018
4th Week of Lent

Ez. 47:1-9,12
Ps. 46(45):2-3,5-6,8-9
Jn. 5:1-16   (Ps Wk IV)

In his book, prophet Ezekiel describes how the guide leads him from one part of the temple to another. As he goes, he notices that the water which starts as a trickle from below the south wall changes its course and begins to flow towards the east. The further east the prophet goes, the greater the flow of the water becomes.

The guide stops four times to measure the depth of the water, and each time the water level increases dramatically. Soon, it becomes a torrent. Then, Ezekiel sees trees on either bank. The guide explains that the life-giving water that flows from the throne of God makes fresh the waters of the Dead Sea, and barren places become fertile. With this, Ezekiel puts forth the vision of the temple in Jerusalem as the source of a great river that flows out of the east, emptying into the Dead Sea and bringing life wherever it goes.

The prophecy of Ezekiel comes to its fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ. On encountering the sick man at the pool of Siloam, Jesus “works” on the Sabbath to bring healing to the man. This healing is linked with healing forgiveness. “See, you are well! Sin no more that nothing worse may befall you.” By this, Jesus demonstrates that he is the source of healing and forgiveness. Even in the face of hostility at the hands of the scribes and Pharisees, Jesus asserts his right as the Son of God, his “work” at healing and restoring life to the sick and lost.  Nothing will stop Jesus from restoring us to life if we allow him to do so.

Lord, restore me to life in You.