Thur 15th March 2018
4th Week of Lent

Ex. 32:7-14
Ps. 106(105):19-20,21-22,23
Jn. 5:31-47   (Ps Wk IV)

The dramatic story of the Golden Calf makes for great movie scenes, but it also tells us a lot about ourselves. Israel had been rescued from slavery in Egypt by God, liberated with great signs and wonders, and provided for during their journey through the desert. All that God asked in return was trust, faith, and obedience. But while Moses was away, they made an idol out of gold — a calf — and began to worship it. Forgotten was the God of Israel who had rescued them. Often people forget what God has done for them or they give in to fear during rough times. They then rely on something else for their security — wealth, success, pleasure, power, and other things. Many are guilty at times in their lives, if only for a moment. What is your Golden Calf?

Many want proof of God’s existence or the presence of Jesus in their lives. Perhaps they look for the wrong sort of proof. In his argument with the crowd, Jesus scolded them for unbelief and demands for proof. He pointed out that the wondrous works that he had performed in their presence was testimony enough — God the Father was his ultimate witness. If we look carefully, we will probably be able to see the hand of God at work in our lives and those of others. Amidst a very violent, dark, and fearful world, there are countless instances of incredible kindness, generosity, and holiness. We have been blessed many times. God is alive indeed, and Jesus needs no further proof!

Lord, open my eyes to Your presence and Your wondrous works.