Wed 16th May 2018
7th Week of Easter

Acts 20:28-38
Ps. 68(67):29-30,33-35a,35bc,36c
Jn. 17:11-19   (Ps. Wk III)

The priestly prayer of Jesus for the disciples and for the Church, i.e, us today is a testimony of how much Jesus loved the ones for whom he laid down his life. Just as he took care of his disciples, while he was with them, so he now entrusts them to his Father’s care.

We are God’s holy people, our holiness comes from our Creator in whose image we are made! This makes us one...a unity we need to preserve to continue the mission entrusted to us ....for unless this unity among us is visible our mission will be destroyed; division, disharmony among us followers of Christ, will  create scandal and destroy the kingdom of God.

Jesus prays that we be “consecrated in the truth”; that the evil of this world will not harm us in any way. We can be confident in the prayer Jesus prayed for us, then and is still praying for us, as we continue to be true and one united people of God, battling against all that is evil!

Lord, be our strength and hope always.