Thur 17th May 2018
7th Week of Easter

Acts 22:30; 23:6-11
Ps. 16(15):1-2,5,7-8,9-10,11
Jn. 17:20-26     (Ps. Wk III)

Paul was wise and crafty. When he was dragged before the Sanhedrin, he provoked a quarrel between the Pharisees and Sadducees over the resurrection. This caused the Pharisees to come to Paul’s defence. When we find common ground with people, we often find friends and allies among those we thought to be enemies or adversaries. It is far more useful and productive than quarrelling and confrontation look for what unites us with others rather than what divides us.

Jesus prayed that his followers may be one just as he and the Father and one. This does not mean institutional unity - although that is also important — but a deep spiritual unity of heart, mind, and soul. Jesus explained: he and the Father dwell in each other, and his fervent wish is that his followers might also dwell in them. In other words, his followers — and that means us too — are invited to share in and experience the life of the divine Trinity. Not many Christians have really accepted his offer! 

Part of the reason is that in order to do that, we have to dwell and abide in Jesus, living in the Spirit and being one with him in mind and heart. 

This must be constant, not just on Sunday or in short spurts. When we live in Jesus we live in the Father too — and the Father lives in us with Jesus. If God seems distant or absent it is not because God has hidden or gone somewhere — we are the ones who hide from God. Let us ask the Lord to lead us deeper into friendship with him.

Lord, may I dwell always in You.