Fri 15th June 2018
10th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

1 Kgs. 19:9,11-16
Ps. 27(26):7-9,13-14
Mt. 5:27-32     (Ps Wk II)

When we think of an encounter with God, some sort of awesome display usually comes to mind. Thunder, light, sound, are what we expect from God, and Elijah did too. A mighty wind, an earthquake, and then fire appeared, one after another, but God was not in any of them. Only when there was ‘sheer silence’, or as some translations say, ‘a still small voice’ or ‘a whispering breeze’ did Elijah cover his face, for he knew he had encountered God. Silence, simplicity, and hiddenness are God’s usual ways of revealing himself. We have to watch and listen carefully and with the heart so that we will not miss God when he calls on us.

Jesus left us with some hard sayings. It is not enough to avoid committing sins — thinking about them and fantasizing are signs that we are divided against ourselves. Our inner and outer selves must be in harmony.

The mind and heart are where all evil actions start. He uses some shocking language — we would not consider tearing out our eyes or cutting off our hands. He meant that we should take serious and dedicated steps to overcome our sins. We need to go right to the root of our desire. What need or lack are we seeking to satisfy? Why do we think it will make us happy? There is a message for us in all our thoughts and actions.

Lord, speak to me in the silence of my heart.